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Month: July 2011

Our Unhappy Aphids:

Ugh, we have a major aphid infestation in among our roses. I’ve soaked them down with the remedy, so they may be gone soon, but for now…. eeewww

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Had trouble sleeping overnight, having trouble staying awake now…. yeesh, this anxiety shit is the worst #
  • ITIL Training ….. #
  • I haven't had a straight meal since Friday night, < 500 calories a day due to gas/acid, but today I ate and don't feel totally sick! YES! #
  • @RayS Write your own? #
  • @RayS At least you'd be able to say "according my tests, you're down" and feel like you've done something ;) in reply to RayS #
  • That was a good call, bad call kinda moment. Sucks that I didn't find that place to crash near Waterloo, had a good call with someone else. #
  • @RayS I haven't able to eat normally for like 3 days, what does it feel like, #isitnauseaorhunger (Damn Anxiety!!) in reply to SusanneMJJ #
  • @serafinowicz Some ascii pervert? in reply to BePoleski_ #
  • Yes, we use netflix #
  • @knowledgeunited Alright, I'm idle at the office waiting for clearance here and there, so I'm taking the self study courses here and there in reply to ifaterry #
  • I think I am vitamin deficient… gotta hit the bodega for fruit at lunch #
  • @phronk Can't listen from here, boo hiss for me. in reply to eMreK_ozdeMir #
  • @somerled I'm having trouble with step 1, but no problem with step 2, can we swap? in reply to somerled #
  • Lessons, Lessons…. #
  • Um, Wow… thanks. More on this later #
  • Huh #
  • Ugh, today has been one long anxiety attack, at least I ate something today. I've been anxious so long I can't tell if it's excitement. #
  • @aots The original Alone in the Dark, which for it's time was tense and scary, even when you replayed it. in reply to trabajoyempleo #
  • Turns out it was excitement, and anticipation. Really looking forward to seeing Family today. #
  • Gah, overpaid the phone bill. turns out when you get a notice that says you owe zero dollars, it means -20 dollars. No bill in july for me. #
  • Drive in was okay today, if the weather is nice a long drive isn't *so* bad but I'd rather work from home =) #
  • @everett_steele I'm worried about my June one as my AC seems to have deiced to stay on no matter what the outside temp really is in reply to alinediias_ #
  • @everett_steele or hire some people to fan the house instead. in reply to judyo001 #
  • Ugh, boss is making me stay later… #

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