Oh men your burning coals killed the world tree. Fenrir the wolf is free and will devour you in darkness and storm. Make sacrifices to Víðarr and pray his boot brings us victory over this devil. You who abandoned Odin for the Nazarean carpenter’s stepson must repent. Ragnarök is here. It is as it was foretold in the sagas.

humanfront and Thor

Yet Google seemed completely surprised by this turn of events. A product manager posted a message discouraging businesses from creating Google+ profiles, and the company began shutting down the profiles posted by renegade firms. This prompted many creative workarounds—TechCrunch jokingly created a page for a fellow named Techathew Cruncherin—but Google was unmoved. (Cruncherin’s profile was shut down.) The episode illustrated a persistent and likely fatal problem for Google’s effort to take on Facebook: There’s nothing to do on Google+, and every time someone figures out a possible use for it, Google turns out the lights.


Zeus transformed himself into a white cloud and Io into a white heifer in order to hide what he was doing from Hera. Hera saw right through it; after a very long tale, this is why women have periods.


RIP: Legendary rapper Dwight Arrington Myers — better known as Heavy D — passed away today at the age of 44.

The former frontman of hip hop pioneers Heavy D & the Boyz was rushed to an LA hospital near his Beverly Hills home around noon, and was reportedly awake at the time. However, he was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

Police have launched an investigation, but foul play is not suspected at this time.

D found mainstream success with the 1991 hit single “Now That We Found Love.” The group remained popular throughout the early 90s, peaking with 1994’s Nuttin’ But Love, which hit #1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The Boyz and D went their separately ways shortly thereafter.

Heavy D, who found some solo success in the late 90s, recently returned to the charts after adding reggae to his repertoire.