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Day: November 20, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • Photo: Be the change you want to see… #
  • Hey #ldnont i love you when you're sunny in the morning (makes the walk to work awesome) thanks to coffee culture for a great cup this morn #
  • "I was sort of expecting to hear chants along the lines of “YOU! ARE! THE 99!” when it came time to…" #
  • Photo: What? #
  • Good Morning #ldnont Cold and possibly snowy overnight? Damn #
  • Burnout Paradise for Free | #
  • The funny thing is when I read "London Rippers" thought it was a reference to strippers… my backwoods friends have tainted me. #
  • Photo: She was peppersprayed so yeah. #
  • I'm amazed that Amy Childs can make vacancy so obvious and forthright, it's like a vacant stare is her mutant ability. #
  • Congress: pizza is a vegetable when it is fed to children – Boing Boing – Somewhere Jamie Oliver is crying… #
  • Photo: Sheesh #
  • Photo: It’s just a fricking ring #

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