To PCT’s credit, they did cast a boy as Edna Turnblad. As for the requirement by Hairspray’s creative team that the direction and actors be good, well, I won’t go into details about PCT’s performance and production values. I will say that PCT’s season sponsors are the City of Plano, City of McKinney, Texas Commission on the Arts and UPS and that if each kid had to front $250 to be in this thing, and there are 34 kids listed as cast members in the program, that adds up to $8400 from students alone. And there’s about $8.40 worth of scenery, costumes and lighting going on. They use recorded music. Some of the kids sing and dance OK. Most don’t. One stood upstage and picked her nose a lot.

OH YEAH! Thanks Bob!


Movie Trailer of the Day: God Bless America, the latest uproariously twisted comedy from weirdo-actor-turned-weirdo-director Bobcat Goldthwait, gets its first official trailer.

The film, which stars Joel Murray as a 45-year-old unemployed divorcee with a brain tumor who teams up with a nutty teen named Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) to cleanse American culture of its false and foolish idols, is due in theaters May 11th.

It will also be available On Demand starting April 6th.