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Day: May 9, 2012

North Carolina 2012 (if you are gay or unmarried but living together)

North Carolina 2012 (if you are gay or unmarried but living together)

Bad Dream Last Night

Last night i dreamed that Jen and I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant that was (in my dream) just down the street from our house.

The waiter came, took our order then proceeded to sit down at our table and eat Jen’s meal while chatting with us for the whole duration of our meal He got up and wandered off; at which point the place was closing and the owner/manager came by to ask us how it was.

I was incensed and yelled about the waiter eating Jen’s food and this became a massive argument. The waiter and I yelled at each other and this became a real confrontation.

Strange twist here; I apologized to the Waiter and said that I understood how much it hurt when someone criticized me for doing something when I was doing my best. [ Later when i woke up I realized that I was in the right and there was no reason for me to be ashamed of being angry, dreams… sigh ]

So we went home; for some reason our house was a semi detached now that shared a wall and inexplicably a window into our neighbor’s house. Our Neighbors were former co-workers of mine; an egyption guy who lived with his parents.

So in the dream it’s late evening now and these “gems” fall onto the front lawn; they glow and along with them there is an od shaped stone that works like a magic 8-ball you hold in your hand and answers appear on it. Strange.

While Jen and I are pondering these stones she tells me that the neighbor had lifted up her shirt and felt up her boobs that day.

I got SUPER angry and said “do you want to call the cops to report the sexual assault” to which Jen said “sure”

For some reason she was ambivilent about calling the cops and in the end refused to do so.

This argument lasted into the next day when we were out shopping and I told her if she wanted to do something about it she should come with me or just stay here in the store (it was a sunrise records) and I would take off.

She stayed; and while I watched from another store she walked out of the mall and apparently into the arms of the neighbor.

Dream over wake up; I tell jen I was having a nightmare I hear her say “Good”

I tell her about it; she doesn’t try to comfort me or even discuss it.

I drink a beer; go back to bed and try not to dwell on it.

I have clearly dwelt upon it.

Abstinence only works, these guys are living proof