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I don’t want to get off on a rant here; but if someone in this day and age doesn’t want to invest in some simple to acquire “good hands guys” style insurance for their home, don’t expect me to react with much more than the indifference the king showed when London bridge was torched and even his favorite tea room was lost to the Thames. This Middling nerd pseudo celebrity rolled his d20 and came up craps; this is no reason for us to all get together and sing kumbaia; it’s a teaching moment for all of thos basement dwellers clutching their Monster Manuals in one hand and a faintly damp tissue in the other. It’s a lesson that says even though you have your comics in mylar bags and your original edition Star Wars Theatrical Cut VHS tapes where Han really did shoot first stored in the safest spot in Mom’s basement nook under the knitting stuff and behind the big velvet elvis that you should take out more than just the barest of insurance because as Chris Rock said it should really be call “in case shit happens” because it really does.

That’s our show for tonight, check in with me next week when my guest will be Linda Tripp and I gnaw off her nose like a diseased ferret. Good Night!

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