Agreed. The Reform Party started on the road to a ‘better’ Conservatism (not perfect in any sense–but at least headed in the right direction)—BUT was soon co-opted by the socialist bureaucracy in Ottawa allowing harper to betray his base.

When you see things like this, that somehow Harper is not Conservative Enough. What the hell do they want? “Every MAN for himself and Fuck the rest”?

Okay, let’s not beat a dead horse. Let’s agree that all things being equal, having Hudak rule in Queen’s Park while Mr. Harper reigns in Ottawa and Rob Ford does whatever he does to Toronto, may be something less than a swell idea. Now what? How do Ontario voters on June 12 go about ensuring it doesn’t happen? Which of the other two parties do they vote for? Do they go for the party of the squishy centre or do they put their faith in the more progressive party? And the really big question: how do they know which of the two is which?

There are more than three parties? –