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Category: Random Stuff

He is Sharp in 5 Places

Jazz Hands, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

A better picture of Spencer for your viewing pleasure. He has discovered that he can climb the screens. Now we have to convince him that this is not the best plan, any ideas?

Hello Spencer

Spencer, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Jen had a kitten delivered to the house last week, with all his shots and an accessory pack.

He is a black and white “tuxedo” cat.

So, Internet, welcome “Spencer” or “Spence” to “Local Blogger writes the world”

I promise I’ll post a better picture soon.

Gods own trucker

Gods own trucker, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

If it wasn’t for the one that read “If It is Gods Will, I Will” I wouldn’t have taken notice of this guys grill. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the trucks I pass every day decorated this explicitly.

Hard Drive Motor

Hard Drive Motor, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I have three of these Hard Drive motors, what can I do with them folks?

Rogers HD

IMGP5784, originally uploaded by raymilauren.

Ah, Rogers HD and the bars, Comcast may juggle nuts, but at least they can do an HD tuner that swaps between SD and HD without those damn bars. Even the podunk cable firm in Kicnardine can do it right.

Rogers, why do you suck?

(Special thanks to raymi for posting this image)

Edge of the Storm

Edge of the Storm, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Didn’t make a connection with Lynnette this weekend to get a shoot done; by the time we were both free to do anything (she was working, I was babysitting) we had other commitments. We’re going to have to plan this out some.

It stormed in Kincardine when we arrived, it has stormed here in London and I lost power.

Losing power reminded me that I have a UPS on hand to deal with storms. I installed it and took the opportunity to plug in my USB hub finally and cleared some of the wire clutter from the front of my desk.

I think in the end I might get large prints made online again, with smaller or instant prints done “wherever is closest and cheapest”.

Moar Broken iPod

Post Game Damage, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Here’s a close up shot of the damage in action. I think it has stopped creeping over now so I am stuck with this. It still works, so the drama should trickle off now.

Unless I go all emo and start cutting or something, then the drama would continue.

In case I DO go emo, someone get there hands on some Hanson and Avril Lavigne and stand outside my window with it on a boom box.

in case of zombies, grab shotgun

Broken iPod

Broken iPod, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Here is NitePod, all broken.

Argh, CRT-eezzzzz!

Very British Warning, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I’m using a CRT at work now as I had to give away my nice LCD flat panel to an end user. I couldn’t make the guy carry away a CRT into the plant and up stairs, that wouldn’t be fair. So I waved g’bye to my flat panel and got my hands on another “flaky one” that flaked out it’s last this afternoon.

Here I am on the Radiation King 9000 which has burn-in and terrible clarity. I’m going to have to get a better one soon or request a better monitor from the client.

It’s pretty humid over here in London; how are things in your neck of the woods?

If you're gonna do some art

Darth Vader, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Do it Strange!

I used the Jackson Pollock simulator to make this

I started out with the “grill” and started adding to it. If you can’t see Darth Vader, well, you don’t understand Modern Art!

I don’t understand Modern Art either; but I am neither erudite nor am I well-heeled. Thus I am forgiven my lack of taste.

What’s your excuse?