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Hunter, What? Only a Beer? It must be before noon or something

Hunter, What? Only a Beer? It must be before noon or something

These are Both Pints

These are Both Pints, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I have forgotten the brand name of the massive German Wheat Beer I was drinking, but it was drinking from a child’s bucket. The other Glass is Harp in a Labatt glass.

I found it out the giant pint is a Hoegaarden White Ale

This was alot more beer than I had expected or wanted with my meal, but it was VERY good. It was draft, cold and refreshing. I think it’d be nicer with wings.

Cold Beer for Friday

Cold Beer for Friday, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Friday lunch time sometimes means that it is Beer o’clock (especially on hot days)

This was at the (great) walkers fish and chips on Wellington. I poured high to get the thick, frothy head on the beer. It was refreshing (on a hot day) but not a great partner for the fish.

I think I’ll stick to soda with the food and beer after work; speaking of which I snagged some Sleeman Clear for the long weekend. I actually found some craft/micro brew beer yesterday too. So my beer horizons have been significantly expanded.


A Nice plate of Fish and Chips

A Nice plate of Fish and Chips, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Yes! A great lunch that wasn’t from “King’s”

Went to “Walker’s Fish and Chips” for lunch, had the Halibut and Chips.

The Fish was great, tasty and flavorful. The batter wasn’t all the taste, the fish was meaty and strong, a pleasure to eat. The Chips were also great, obviously real cut potato, soaked overnight to make sure that they are not too starchy. Great!

I didn’t care for the coleslaw, but I’m not a fan of the slaw anyway.

PLUS Beer on tap (not GOOD beer, but on TAP) and other beer selections on hand.

I can’t recommend Walker’s more.

The Stacks of Beer

The Stacks of Beer, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Yeah, this is what I see on my way into work every day, the stacks, not the clouds. It’s nice and sunny outside right now, also very green.

I was worried that I would be giving up all the green when I came down here to the City; I’m no nature lover, but I do like the trees and grass the come with nature. London has proven to be very green, excessively so. But like Kubla Khan, I find wisdom in excess and think that the tree lined streets are awesome and I go out of my way to drive down the back streets to stay among said streets.

Hot Drink?

Hot Drink?

It was damned hot in Kincardine while we visited. I spent most days with a sopping wet head and a t-shirt to match. It was so hot that I chose not to try on a new shirt for a wedding… I didn’t want to ruin the shirt for someone else.

It was really nice holiday and while I was anxious to get back to my own house and bed, I’m not about to say that a two year wait until the next visit isn’t a long time.