The Stacks of Beer

The Stacks of Beer, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Yeah, this is what I see on my way into work every day, the stacks, not the clouds. It’s nice and sunny outside right now, also very green.

I was worried that I would be giving up all the green when I came down here to the City; I’m no nature lover, but I do like the trees and grass the come with nature. London has proven to be very green, excessively so. But like Kubla Khan, I find wisdom in excess and think that the tree lined streets are awesome and I go out of my way to drive down the back streets to stay among said streets.

  • I wonder if good beer can come in such huge quantities.

    Nice shot. Like the colors/tones and light.

  • It isn’t the shot I was going for, but I am very happy with the result.

    I’m joking about the contents of these things, I think they are steam chambers of some form.