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Can you hear me Now?

I Slept Terribly Last Night

My wife and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in what seems like ages, but it lets her see a great number of movies!

Last night, for example I fell asleep while we were watching Final Destination 3 (which should be subtitled, “this time we gross you the hell out”) she went on to watch a couple more movies (possibly District 13, I don’t know when I woke up again at 2 AM she was wathcing VH1)

She has been getting up in the night and doing aerobics and weights, I can’t say I disapprove as she would be up anyway, and she really wants to get into shape.
I’m going to remind myself of a funny story from work today, by making the cryptic reference to Dilbert and finger flicking being as productive as anything else at some points.

Sit and WoW it up!

It was a busy day today (fun new Vox goodness notwithstanding)

With big goings on at work and groceries (with the fun that goes hand in hand there) it was a reasonably busy day.

Got to sit down and pore over a 120 meg packet capture, it’s not the biggest I’ve had to run through (3 Gigs) but the info I was looking for was right at the end and I learned a new filtering technique for plain text protocols [contains TEXT] after that it was easier to find what I was looking for (thank goodness)

I must have driven my co-worker insane with so many calls (after hours no less) giving him feedback on what I found.

To top it all off, it was PAYDAY!!!!  Another chunk of time comes up where I can try and not spend money.  Which I am terrible at doing.

My Reading habits

Argh, I read.

Now, this is no real revelation for you, this is a textual media after all, reading is fundamental here.  What I mean is I don’t read enough, not even close.  I always have a book or two on the go and can claim that I can read 3-4 novels in a week (on top of way too many comics) but I’ve gone so long without a non-fiction book that I might actually scream.

I’m looking forward to reading “What would a Patriot Do?” and “Imaginary Weapons” but they always seem to be in the future.  When I’m reading, I’m probably not writing, which confounds me further as I would like to finish my current work and go on. It is an embarrassment of choice I tell you.

Add to all of this the fact that I’m back on WoW (for my wife) and I have no time any more (or it seems like it)  I wonder if I could convince myself to read in bed again?  I used to all the time.

So, I ended up working today anyway

For some reason, the only time people call me at home [from work]  is when I’m sick.  If I’m just home (vacation, before or after work) no calls. People don’t even call when I’m just away from my desk for some reason.  Get me at home resting off a cold or something and BRRRINNNGGGGG, the cell phone sputters to life.

Today it was calls and a big issue (an important domain name expired) I worked with the guys at work and we worked up a couple of workarounds.  Here’s hoping the workaround is enough to keep the dogs of war at bay as this issue will affect literally hundreds thousands of customers, possibly millions.  Fingers Crossed, eh?