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Month: January 2004

The Guardian Gave me an Idea

The Guardian gave me an idea, they played some classic rock for some under 8s and asked them what they thought, here are some choice quotes:

“Substitue” – The Who

  • Beth Ugh. I was born with Plasticine in my mouth?
  • Holly It sounds like when your wee goes back up.
  • My own Daughter: This makes me feel bad

    “Touch Me” – The Doors

  • Gabrielle It’s too pointy.
    i don’t have this one on hand, so I can’t tell you how My Own liked it

    “Sunshine of your Love” – Cream

  • Gabrielle Argh! Vampires!
    i don’t have this one on hand, so I can’t tell you how My Own liked it

    “Immigrant song” – Led Zepplin

  • Holly This isn’t singing, it’s just screaming.
    Beth It’s kind of eeeevol. I’m going to watch Lord Of The Rings Three next week.
    Holly No you’re not.
    Beth Am.
    Holly Not.
  • My own Daughter:I like it Dances a bit

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana

  • Sophie It’s making me think about doing bad things like putting snowballs down my sister’s back.
  • My own Daughter: this makes me feel Mad. This is a boy song.

    “Crosstown Traffic” – Jimi Hendrix

  • Gabrielle It’s making me feel all dizzy. Can I have some juice?

    Read the rest of the Article for more fun!

    Here are a few of my own, with my Daughter’s quotes:

    “How Soon is Now?” – the Smiths
    I like it, it makes me smile

    “Blue Monday” – New Order
    This is nice, I like this.

    “Pump up the Volume” – m/a/r/r/s
    This is cool

    “Behind Blue eyes” – Limp Bizkut
    “This makes me scared”

  • Jeff and Kevin: 28 Days Later is NOT a Zombie Movie

    I am psychic, I swear

    shuggothmstr1: I got to see 28 Days Later, Loved it
    shuggothmstr1: Not a Zombie Movie Though, they weren’t dead
    mistermurdertoys: yes they were
    shuggothmstr1: No they weren’t
    mistermurdertoys: yes they were
    shuggothmstr1: if they were dead blowing off extremities wouldn’t hinder them then, right?
    mistermurdertoys: believe what you want
    shuggothmstr1: They didn’t work like zombies in Zombie flicks… as far as I am concerned, simply not a zombie flick, at least not a conventional one, and therefore a far superior movie all around, really loved the part where Jim thumbs the bad guy
    mistermurdertoys: And since when are you an expert on zombie flicks? I think I have seen far more of them then you have. in most european zombie movies they aren’t the shambling slow things you seem to think they are in every movie
    shuggothmstr1: I’ll just let it drop then, shall I?
    mistermurdertoys: :P
    mistermurdertoys: well it’s not an American movie, don’t expect george romeros rules
    shuggothmstr1: I really enjoyed the flick, and that’s enough said on the matter one way or the other. It was well filmed, had an engaging cast and the drama was well played. The score was awesome, as was the sound track. The sound design was awesome…
    shuggothmstr1: It was awesome, those guys should be commended for a fine fine movie

    Seriously, I saw this argument coming up the street like it had bells and a whistle

    So Where is that Server Located Anyway

    A new databse tool has come into play, and some aspects of net access to our sites have become slow. Naturally the new web based tool is blamed. For S & Gs I propose that the new tool is in fact the cause, leading to the usual scoffing fro Mr. J

    Jared: siebel is hosted here!
    Kevin: I’m just saying, what if they have managed to do this?
    Jared: So, what your saying is everyone is insane then?
    Kevin: Yes, that is what I am saying, everyone is insane.
    Kevin (Thinks about it a bit) : What do I get if I am right, a cookie?
    Jared: Yes you get a cookie.
    Kevin (quick traceroute later): Second hop, hosted in Cupertino (far away).
    Jared: You get your cookie.