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Month: August 2004

A New Cat

Well, it finally happened, we got a cat.

Elizabeth and Jenny have been pushing for a furry pet (beyond the Hamster, which is a better pet than the cat anyway) and finally got their way by means of a pair of Kittens (Lena and Nimrod, renamed Milkshake and Nemo). Long story short, the second cat (Nemo) was far too wild for this household and had to go, Milkshake respects my boundaries and stays out/off of my stuff, which is all I could ask for.

Anyways, let me introduce Milkshake, the newest member of the family.

The Cat in Question: Milkshake

Giant Houses

I spent some tie in Kincardine *as you know* and I noticed quite frequently that alot of the new development that was going on in Kincardine was of these giant houses. I mean houses that take up most of their lot.

This would not be such a big deal if these ships of the land were not so monstrously huge, but enough is enough folks. In a DINK family, there is simply no need for a 4 bedroom house, really.

Not to mention the waste, water and electricity usage of houses this large. Wow. The audacity of these people, I can afford it so why can’t I do it? Well, lets examine that statement, a billionaire could, theoretically BUY a whole state from a country, does that mean they do not need to obey the laws of said state?

Just something to think about

We Made it Back!

Click Here to see the sunset, well, see one of them

We made it back in one piece, more or less. Now the march towards Xmas begins!

I took a large number of pix while in Ontario, 86 of which made it back with me on my Camera, and a bunch more in person.

After some frantic searching this afternoon, I found the cables for my Camera and saved the images to my computer. I’ve uploaded the best sunset pic (until I fix the panorama that is) the link is above.

I’ll have to say thanks to my Mum and Dad again and again until I’m sure they are clear as to how much fun I had on this trip, no touristy stuff, no touring the sights, just hanging out with my ‘rents. After such a long time away, just hanging out is the best vacation.

We walked along the beach with the kids a few times, Elizabeth really loved it when she got to splash along the shoreline, that was the highlight of the vacation for her I think.

Jenny got to spend a great deal of time with her Family, which of course, ruined my plans, but c’est la vie.

Otherwise, this was the best vacation I’ve been on in about 7 years, bar none.

I could, however, travel with a better airline next time.