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Month: October 2007

On Vox: Broken Camera Blues

My Canon a530 is broken.  It probably happened over the weekend of the wedding or some day in between then and the following Sunday, but it’s borked.

I noticed that there was only a slit of an image rather than the whole bug when I was snapping away at a leaf bug a couple weeks back, the lens cover was not opening.  I put it out of my head and just lived with it until I had some quiet time during the day today to give it a good look, the mechanism that makes the cover open and close has clearly failed and I cannot suss how to fix it.  Oh well, it’s been a good time, and several thousand images.  I can upgrade to a 10 megapixel model after I find steady work, maybe a late bday present for me.

I may find steady work in the next little while or I may end up cleaning hotel rooms.  Time will tell.

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