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Month: January 2008

On Vox: Joe Quesada is disconnected

Joe tells us that the fans don't want Peter and ary Jane to be married.

Good stuff.

Excepting that the fans would have been happier that Aunt May was dead.  Seriously.  He speaks about how they don't want to damage the "cast" but then he wipes out the status quo.

The "geek makes good" story is what keeps the fans in the mix.  If someone doesn't want their spider-man to be married, they can stick with The Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

Oh Well.

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Kilts are not for you

Utilikilt’s irreverent “license agreement” – Boing Boing

CJ from Utilikilts writes: “I am responsible for receiving and cataloging all the images customers send in to our web site. We use the images on our web site, in our marketing literature, etc, so we need to inform our customers about this and get a release from them. So I wrote a release they would WANT to sign! I

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  These pleated affairs are not Kilts, they are skirts.  If you want to wear a skirt, then say so.  Don’t hide behind Scottish Culture’s wrapped tartan midriff to pretend otherwise. 

Basic rules of Kilt Wearing:

No Sporran = Not a  Kilt 
Pleats = Not a Kilt 
Shaved or less than shaggy legs = Not a Kilt

There you go, basic rules for Kilts.  Also, if you can’t roll your Rs, then you are banned from ever evening thinking of wearing a Kilt.  Unless you are a girl, then Sally Forth!

On Vox: Thorny Decisions & A Drive Through the Snow

I was in London today for an Interview (I go the Job!)  I've got another job interview with the Local Nuke Plant and one with an Automotive Firm up on Manitoulin Island in the next week or so so I'm kind of in a bind on the Job thing.  One one hand I have a generous offer from the Firm I interviewed with today  and on the other I have tried to get into the Local Power Concern for years and finally have an Interview for a decent job with them.

The Culture at the firm today seemed really awesome, however I really want to make sure that I give these other two firms a go.  It has been six months since I left Symantec and I want to ensure I make the best possible decision.

Please enjoy this short video presentation about my drive home.  It's one long shot and demonstrates the kind of weather we get up here in Bruce County.  The Song is "Midnight Cowboy"

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coldcut ft saul williams – mr nichols

Coldcut and Saul Williams deliver another memorable sermon.

If you haven’t heard from these artists I heartily endorse their music and encourage you to check them out.

I listened to this today while I was reading “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” which has been ruined for me by the Movie of the Same name. I always enjoy reading Hunter Thompson, he’s the kind of writer that turns the banal into a freak-trip. Even the darkest of trips becomes a delight through his freakish muse.

Where was I? Saul Williams, failed musical experiments aside, you should at least look into his work, especially the drum and bass collaborations he has been involved in.

On Vox: Job Search 2008

    Reworked my resume, removed a great deal of verbage, slimmed down job to point form notes.

Kelly Services – IT Specialist
Silicon Knights – IT Administrator
Center for International Governance – Junior IT Administrator
Halogen Software – Network Administrator
Brogan Inc – Network Administrator


Nothing New


Nothing Today

Nothing New

My Sister has a line on a job with the police.  Will find out later today.

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Star Trek 76
My God, I want to remake this and make it worse and more awkward and nerdy. You know, add a random shot of grandma waving at the camera and throwing a toy for a dog and it’s gold.

Ron Paul supporters chase hannity
You know, if I wasn’t convinced that the majority of people would totally fail to comprehend it, I’d require kids in the states to read “It Can’t Happen Here”

When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

I see no cross but that flag is right there.

These guys are just thugs. Which is kind of what I expect from Ron Paul supporters most of the time. Given all the RP spam on you tube these days; it’s hard to imagine that his supporters are anything close to rational.

On Vox: Job Search 2008


Ganz – Assistant Computer Services Manager

Nothing New


Robert Half Technology – Technical Support/Helpdesk
Durham College – Manager, Instructional Computer Services

Nothing New

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