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Day: September 25, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-25

  • Innocently Discussing Politics: Me: Guys on the right-wing blogs don’t hesitate to call Obama the N-word. E: Narcissist? #
  • @RevNathan I was wandering around the kitchen ranting about the fox "furor" over a CBC article on Palin when it came up. in reply to RevNathan #
  • For those of you keeping score, I *do* wander around my house talking out loud to television pundits on YouTube. Judge Not and so on. #
  • My counter proposal to the bail-out plan, The fill-in plan: Saddle the companies with forced payouts to all employees and creditors. #
  • Trying to tell someone a truth they cannot understand is no different than lying to them #
  • Get your smoke on indoors without breaking the law: #
  • @Ultramegakungfu Mwa ha ha, she’s the witch of the north-west, the witchiest of all witches there’s no need, also you forgot about Dre. in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • You know that feeling, when you get the shivvers. That’s Suge Knight tickling your soul. #
  • Outside, when the light’s dim and the crickets chirp louder, they are warning you that Suge KNight could be outside, waiting. #
  • The Motion of the Galaxies away from each other, that’s a panicked run from Suge Knight. #
  • Sometimes, when you are sitting quietly in the dark, you think you are hearing your heartbeat, no, that’s Suge Knight schoolin’ a fool. #
  • New Math? Sure? Suge Knight + Your Money = Happy Suge Knight. #
  • Suge Knight sleeps with one eye open, he knows the Sun won’t come correct unless he’s watching #
  • When you run out of sugar at home, don’t yell out "I need Sugar!", Suge Knight has bad hearing and might come running, and then what? #
  • Candyman was scared to say Suge Knight even once in the mirror, in case Suge Knight appeared and set him right with the world. #
  • Suge Knight doesn’t shave his head, his hair follicles obey his metal commands, if Suge wants it, FOOM, instant ‘fro. #
  • If Ted Nugent tried to shoot Suge Knight with an arrow, Suge would let him do it once, because Suge Loves Wango Tango, but only once. #
  • If Pres. Bush was to appoint a Secretary of Keeping the Earth Turning, it would have to be Suge Knight, who has been doing it for years. #
  • Suge Knight doesn’t shave his head, his hair follicles obey his mental commands, if Suge wants it, FOOM, instant ‘fro #
  • I can’t wait: #

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I ventured deep into Malkin-Land for this

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So, what can you learn from this?

  1. Only 10,794 people voted on a poll from a pundit that gets exposure on fox.
  2. Only 1,247 (12%) of her readers are b-tards of any stripe
  3. Only 1,436 (13%) are sensible people.
  4. 16% are pessimists.
  5. A full 59% of the sample are full on, in the tank (what a dumb expression) assholes.

These are the same people who refer to diplomacy as “weak”

They are the same people who refer to nuance as no-ancy.

They say nookular.

And they vote.

Psilons, in my campaign?

The debate on Friday was to focus on Mr. McCain’s perceived strength, foreign policy. Mr. McCain had not planned to devote large blocks of time to debate practice as did Mr. Obama, who was holing up with a tight circle of advisers at a hotel in Clearwater, Fla., on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to prepare. Mr. McCain had a preparatory session on Wednesday afternoon at the Morgan Library in Manhattan, but advisers said it had been interrupted by his decision, announced immediately afterward, to suspend his campaign.

If you are up on the whole “Clambake” then you must know what Clearwater, Florida is, right? Let me remind you:

If you’re still here and you didn’t watch the video and am still not clear on where Clearwater is, it’s practically the center of the non-celebrity world of Scientology. Demographically, it’s a strange choice for the Obama campaign to appear there, what with the CoS’s somewhat tarnished public image. I’m going to have to do a little digging to look to see if any well-known CoS members are in the Obama campaign.

It appears I’m not the first person to question this

This is troubling to me, as I’ve been more and more concerned about how the CoS goes about defending itself from criticism in very aggressive and/or paranoid ways.  In Fact, I’m sure that I’ll get a few hits over here just for this post.

So, what do you think, is there a CoS mole in the Obama campaign?