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Day: March 6, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-06

  • Cleared up some of my work for the day, deeper work needed on OpenLDAP today… gotta break down my client and make it into another server #
  • I am listening to Christian Finnegan – Yes Or No Question #
  • welcome back to March 2001: #
  • WOOT, my replacement Xbox should be in my hands tomorrow #
  • Daemon McBain, your twice divorced ass is still living with your mother? Nice. #
  • OpenLDAP set up and replicating across the lab; documented the process. Next Up: Everything else. #
  • I wish I was playing Hellgate London Now. #
  • Thar she blows; a fail whale on the twitter! #
  • It’s too hot in here; I’m not sure what summer is going to be like, but if the thin-blooded folks I work with keep the heat on I’ll plotz #

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