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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03

  • I am listening to The Tragically Hip – Fifty-Mission Cap #
  • The Short Story that’s been buggig me for years, “Petra” by Greg Bear…. check it out, will you? #
  • Could there be a smaller, less ambitious version of this? #
  • I can sign up for Good-Life fitness for the year, it will cost me 37 bucks a month… is that a good rate, is it worth it? #
  • I am listening to Nine Inch Nails – All The Love In The World #
  • Building a new VM for an OpenLDAP setup Project Status: DeRailed and Restarted…. Mysql Authentication proved needlessly complex #
  • 59 of 103 updates to install on a “bare” system, LoL #
  • I am listening to Muse – Apocalypse Please #
  • I am listening to Muse – Supermassive Black Hole #
  • I am listening to Muse – Take A Bow #

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