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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

  • Benefit of being at home during the day: Mister Domo is on sometimes. #
  • Dear USA; Women can go topless in Ontario. This did not bring about mass hysteria or rape. Neither did Gay Marriage, signed Uncle Canada #
  • See this before viacom takes it down! #
  • oops, See this before viacom takes it down! #
  • I agree BSG is total crap #
  • The best thing ever happens today, I get to home before I turn into a pumpkin! #
  • #
  • WTF Rogers, traffic shaping me when skype is on? What next? Slowing things down when I watch TV on the CTV streaming site? #
  • Why is Rogers shaping my traffic when my wife uses skype? #
  • OKay London, I need at least 500KB a second, Rogers is shaping me down to zero if I even think abut BT and 110K if I skype… what now? #

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