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Day: July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Expected Ending

The Harry Potter Movies have been “growing up” along with my own Daughter, so as they get more complex and dark it’s fine.

Hmmm, what to say?  There were a couple moments that made me go “Ugh” especially when the a little girl is violently assaulted by an invisible “curse” then silently screamed in pain, obvious terrifying pain.  Serious gut pummeling pain.

The Soap Opera parts were fine, kind of silly.

I have only two gripes.

1.  For a good guy, Harry Potter is a dick.  Serious Dick.  His “enemy” is crying and sobbing in the bathroom and Harry busts out the “You’re a dick and deserve your pain” rather than even attempting to rise above the level, not really a “good guy” move.  That’s really how Harry is always written, fairly nice to his friends and a complete dick to anyone he perceives as bad, without any consideration for looking deeper than his own notions.

2.  The ending was abrupt, there was no lead up and no lead in, just boom boom dead.

I know it’s leading to the next story, but with no on-screen examples of how Voldemort is bad (beyond one bridge and one kidnapping and a bit of Children of The Corn tomfoolery) we don’t get the sense that Voldemort is anything more than a really murderous Elvis.

I’d have to say that I enjoyed the flick; but I’d recommend the book as a companion.  Not having read it myself, I am writing this recommendation on faith from the actual fans I work with.

My Long Form Response to yet another Jingoistic Email

Not only is this Pure Unfiltered Bullcrap, but on it’s face it’s irrefutably false:

1.  The Iraqi “mess” was started by the English in the middle years “oh so long ago” after the First World War, one can be forgiven for not knowing basic history, but if it wasn’t for the Interference of the English Monarchy, there would be No Iraq.

2.  After the first Iraq War for Kuwati oil (don’t kid yourself that it wasn’t about oil, that’s all Kuwait has)   The Baathist regime in Iraq was essentially caged, and caged animals do what they do and start feeding on themselves.  Bravo!

3.  Then The British PM and George Bush Colluded to create any evidence they could to jsutify simply going into Iraq and “restoring order”  You’ll note the nice scare quotes I tossed onto that once since while The Hussein Regime was far from benign the Islamic Regime that is slowly coming in is sure to be much more Benevolent.  Right, All those tolerant Tolerant Shia Regimes all over, right?

So Bravo and three cheers for the volunteer armies who found themselves guarding oil derricks and shooting kids in their own neighborhoods.  Putting boot to ass for the cause of George Bush’s hubris and restoring the Great Satan to it’s vaunted and and long forgotten role as meddler and occupier in the Middle East!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Three Cheers for the Career soldiers who are little more than pawns of politicians who (for the vast majority) wouldn’t stand on the front themselves and say Boo!

Hip Hip Hooray for the Boys and Girls who are getting blown to bits for a few drops of oil and the Right to a nice Theocratic Regime in the former Mesopotamia.

Raise a glass for the very real possibility of a returned Caliphate in the middle east, made possible by the Soldiers of Freedom and the tanks of Liberty!

Then take your Jingoistic bullcrap and stuff it in the coffins with every boy and girl killed by some other boy defending their own country from Oil Hungry losers who treat National Defense like “Gi-Joe”

By the by, only the US omitted over One Hundred thousand troops to Iraq, the UK committed less than 30,000.  Hundreds of Thousands? That was an overestimate.

Cheers’ Good job doing the bare minimum to “support the troops” How about, instead of forwarding emails, you take a car ride down to the Veterans Hospital and spend an afternoon volunteering in the Psyche ward, those PTSD kids are a scream.

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Ned Wardrop <> wrote:

Angela Shaw

— On Wed, 15/7/09, Shaw, Angela <Angela.Shaw@ wrote:

From: Shaw, Angela <Angela.Shaw@l
Subject: FW: Read this as i did!! and yes i agree!! 100%
Date: Wednesday, 15 July, 2009, 11:56 AM



Hit the nail on the head!
An incident occurred in a supermarket recently, when the following was

A Muslim woman dressed in a Burkha

(A black gown & face mask) was standing with her shopping in a queue at the
checkout. When it was her turn to be served, and as she reached the cashier, she made a loud remark about the
Scottish Flag lapel pin, which the female cashier was wearing on her blouse
The cashier reached up and touched the pin and said, ‘Yes, I always wear it
proudly. My son serves abroad with The forces and I wear it for him’.
The Muslim woman then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing
and killing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi.

At that point, a Gentleman standing in the queue stepped forward, and
interrupted with a calm and gentle voice, and said to the Iraqi woman:

‘Excuse me, but hundreds of thousands of
men and women, just like this lady’s son have fought and sacrificed their Lives so that people just like YOU can stand here, in
Scotland , which is MY country and allow you to blatantly accuse an innocent check-out cashier of bombing YOUR countrymen’. ‘It is my belief that if you were allowed to be as outspoken as that in Iraq, which you claim to be YOUR country, then we wouldn’t need to be fighting there today’. ‘However – now that you have learned
how to speak out and criticise the Scottish people who have afforded
You the protection of MY country, I will gladly pay the cost of a ticket to help you pay your way back to Iraq ‘..

‘When you get there, and if you manage to
survive for being as outspoken as you are here in Scotland, then you should be able to help straighten out the mess which YOUR Iraqi countrymen have got you into in the first place, which appears to be the reason that you have come to MY country to avoid’…

Apparently the queue cheered and applauded.

Pass this on to all of your proud Scottish friends..
I just did…………..!!!

Support Our Troops…..


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