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Day: August 22, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • Photo: The best care in the world! #
  • MMMmmmm not cold enough, but this Niagara sparkling white is still nice on such a humid night #
  • Making the Bride cry – If you know me; you know I have a deep-seated need to stir things up occasionally. I… #
  • Photo: Om nom nom pancakes terrysdiary: #
  • "Thanks for following nodarling!" #
  • Spam carrying malicious infostealer | Symantec Connect – Just in case you are seeing these in your email…… #
  • Photo: I would have expected a spiky wheel or something… #
  • Finished "Alas, Babylon" this morning. Loved it, a pre 70s Atomic War P.A. Novel, like "world made by hand, the prequel" #
  • How To Disable Facebook Places Tagging | Bill Cammack – Hey, go ahead and disable “Places” now, you may as… #
  • I never thought that seeing the sky would be so unnerving, I wanted that tree gone but it's still freaky to not see it up there. #
  • Photo: This was the yard in the morning… #
  • Photo: This is my yard this evening…. yes, that things i about the size of a small car… #
  • Moved most of the wood from the center of the yard this AM, only the trunk is left #

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