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Bicycle thieves – BUSTED

On my way home from picking up Connor, I caught three (6th Grade-ish) boys trying to make off with one of our bikes right from our drive way. One of them, a ginger, mouthed “Oh SHIT.” and they high tailed it. Naturally, I got back in my car and followed them. Attempts to ditch me by leaving the main road and opting for trails proved futile. I too was a young boy and am familiar with how bike riding works.

Eventually, I found them pulling into a driveway of their own and rushing for the backyard. iPhone in hand, I pulled into the driveway and planned on having a word with someone’s parents. Oh, did I mention the ginger ALSO flipped me the bird? Nobody was answering the front door so I thought I’d just head home. Defeated. But what to my wondering ears did appear? A rustling in the bushes? Could it be? YES. Three ne’er-do-wellers crouched in the bushes alongside their prospective bikes… looking guilty and scares as hell.

“I now have a picture of the three of you. I am going to ask the principal of the two closest schools who you are and once I know that, I just may call the police. But just know this. I will know your names and I now know where at least one of you lives. Don’t you let me ever catch you even looking at my driveway again.” 

“Yes sir. Please don’t call the police.”

This is what victory looks like.

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