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I once sat in a room with André Leon Talley and Peter Brant II while André Leon Talley talked about his many years in fashion. At one point, Talley touched on the reasons why he, growing up gay, black, and poor in pre-Civil Rights-era rural North Carolina, was too fearful to dress with the flamboyance he even then knew he favored.

Peter Brant II chose this moment to speak up. He said that he totally understood Talley’s conundrum, because he, Peter Brant II, had gone to “a really prissy, uptight, all-boys prep school.”

His younger brother Harry interrupted, “At least we had the Brant Auditorium, though.”

Peter Brant II considered for a moment, then nodded and said, “And the Brant Lawn.”

Jenna Saurs on the Subject of Peter Prant II (Teen Billionaire son of the Brant Family)

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