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Ohio 2012 Mysterious Patches: Nov. 2, 2012

When you have a republican controlled state such as Ohio, where voter suppression has already threatened the democracy of the Ohio vote by curbing voter hours in democrat counties, by requiring voter ID in democrat counties, it is not a stretch to consider the hacking of voting machines for a win for Mitt Romney.

NOTE: ***

Software patches are the ideal way to rig the outcome of an election, and if this malicious software fix can be used to correlate with the polls (within one or two points of the margin of error) the votes can be flipped.

This is usually done at the last minute like in 2004 when Bush mysteriously gained the greatest number of votes in Ohio, again the results did not match the exit polls the day of the Election.

This alert comes from the Free Press Nov. 2, 2012 that the same mysterious software patches have been installed into Ohio voting machines in Democratic districts only.

Quote: “The Free Press has obtained internal memos from the senior staff of the Ohio Secretary of State’s office confirming the installation of untested and uncertified election tabulation software. Yesterday, the Free Press reported that “experimental” software patches were installed on ES&S voting machines in 39 Ohio counties. (see Will “experimental” software patches affect the Ohio vote?).”

These patches are “experimental uncertified and untested” a high risk for altering the vote which has been the republican method of rigging the vote have been installed in 39 counties in Ohio.

America – Your Votes will be altered!

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