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Day: May 5, 2015

Blood Syrup


I’ve been struggling with my Blood Syrup for a while now, mostly because it *IS* syrup and not blood like I should have.  So I have problems like wounds that don’t heal and pain in my hands and feet that never seems to get better, along with some nerve damage that looks to be permanent.

This is all self-inflicted, you know?  I should have lived healthier and stuck it out at the gym when the first tingles appeared years ago (and I did for a while, but only a while)

So here I am, medicated and sore.

The short version of this is “Push back from the table while you can still see your feet kids”


Blood Syrup was originally published on Local Blogger Writes the World


Today I performed SCIENCE!  I made plasma in the microwave oven.

I will not share the secret of non-destructive plasma making, I will only say that it was violent, bright and loud.  There may have been some grapes involved.  It took about 20 seconds.  More than that and it may have stopped being science and started being pyromania.

I may have engaged in some light pyromania on the road to science.

SCIENCE! was originally published on Local Blogger Writes the World