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Month: March 2017

A travel ban isn’t what Assali anticipated when she voted for Trump. Sure, he may have said he wanted to ban Muslims on the campaign trail—but Trump has said a lot of things.

What the hell did you think he meant? “Just Kidding; ponies for eveyone who was a Bernie Bros and voted for me!” Is that what you expected?


DC Comics’ Bombshells series, written by Marguerite Bennett, depicts an alternate 1940s universe in which DC’s slate of superheroines are presented front-and-center in their own distinctive stories. Here, we see Wonder Woman break open a Nazi tank with her bare hands; Kate Kane, as Batwoman, beat some information out of a Nazi informant; and one thoroughly satisfying display of Big Barda pummeling a horde of Nazis while wielding…another Nazi.

Of course, the devil’s in the details, and Brian Reynolds, the chief market strategist at New Albion Partners, is happy to explain how this stock market rally “is likely going to persist…another 3-6 years,” as he told his clients in a late February letter.

A year from now, when it catestrphically crashes, I’ll burn this for warmth