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Month: June 2018

On June 19, 1865, known as Juneteenth—a melding of the day’s month and date—the last remaining slaves in America were declared free. Juneteenth, America’s “second Independence Day,” is now celebrated around the country. It is officially observed in 43 states and is a state holiday in Texas, home of the last to know.

Lee Swain
2/28/14 10:27am

You thought the Reagan years were about paranoia and fear?

I thought the Reagan years were about sloughing off the “malaise” of double-digit inflation and high unemployment and winning the Cold War. While there was uncertainty, there was certainly a sense of resurgence and optimism. I don’t know how we’re coming to the conclusion that the defining characteristic of the 1980s was fear.

Look, someone was in a coma from 1981 to well 2014!

And let’s not forget that they’re why Lois and Clark took three generations to get hitched, let alone have a bouncing baby Superboy. Hell, if it were up to Old Guard fanboys we’d never have seen a friendly Klingon on the Enterprise — much less a woman in command of a starship.