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Month: April 2020

Dear protestors,
Y’all realize that people in NYC have been holed up in
tiny ass apartments the size of your car garage for
twice as long as you guys have? They don’t have any
beaches and most of them don’t know what a ”porch"
is. Restaurants being shut down means most of them
have to cook in kitchens that are built for instant
ramen at best. Almost nobody has a car so they can’t
hoard toilet paper like you fuckers or escape to a
nearby town to take a walk in a park by a lake.
Yet they’re all making silly videos on F8, shouting
thanks to healthcare workers at 7pm every day while
you motherfuckers block the paths to hospitals, and
they’re coming together like a community to defeat
this thing despite going through hell. You know why?
Cuz you guys are a bunch of fucking pussies. You
snowflake ass Motherfucking pieces of shit need to
whine about your rights getting trampled on cuz the
government is telling you what to do with your
bodies?! Seriously. Fucking puke in my mouth. And all
those guns and ammo vests n shit? Who the fuck are
you gonna shoot? The virus?! Doctors?! Put the
fucking guns away, you psychopathic, insecure, ass
hats. Go the fuck inside and stay there and stop
fucking protesting.

It says a great deal about the Conservatives that Andrew Scheer is still speaking for them, they’ve just thrown their hands in the air, admitted they have the moral low ground and have decided to dig a bit, to see what else is down there.

America: Nothing exists beyond your own grasping grip and everything that does isn’t yours so grab it all, grab it tight and don’t let go. Everything else is Gods.