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The Moral Majority Never Cease to Amaze

FedUp Canadian Fri, Sep 26, 08 at 08:27 AM
Firstly – obviously she is not responsible, mentally stable and mature enough to take care of a child. Children having children. And who’s stuck paying the bill? Secondly, (3) hours! Come on people, use your heads!! Think for gosh sakes! Enough already. Yes everyone, it’s just that easy for the Police and RCMP – “Oh Please, can you give us the baby.” Get Real! What kind of a society are we living in when the average Canadian cannot see past their noses what’s really going on out there! For all you Smart As___ . why don’t you go out there and deal with what the Police and RCMP have to deal with. Good Luck. But then when it comes Your Turn and you need their help, don’t complain because they tasered the guy who’s holding you hostage and some of that shock may have inadvertantly transfered to your body. Rather that than they try shooting him and hit you instead. Or maybe they don’t respond immediately when your house is broken into because they are spending (3) hours trying to talk a 16 yr old into handing over a baby she shouldn’t have custody of in the first place. And where were the parents and grandmother when all this was going on? Never mind, where were they before the incident began? Why is it that in todays society, it’s always someone else’s fault? I was raised to take responsibility for each and every one of my actions!

oh please Fri, Sep 26, 08 at 08:17 AM
i am not sure what all the fuse is about. it is obvious from this story that a taser was used on the stun mode. they did not shoot barbs into her. there is an infant at risk in an out of control situation and this “poor” teen is refusing all direction given by the police officers to let the baby go. lets not forget that the mother defied a supervision order, refused to give the baby to the officers and now wants to play the victim pathetic

B. Fri, Sep 26, 08 at 09:00 AM
Sorry Ms. Peterson but you’re definitely in the wrong on this one. Do as a police officer tells you what to do and you won’t get hurt. You weren’t being reasonable at all. You seemed to have very little respect for what the officers were telling you.

This is the WINNAR!

The backstory on this post is over here; essentially a young mother (16) wouldn’t let the police take her sick baby away from her.  The police were (if the story is accurate) simply acting in the “best interest” of the baby, but that’s not the reason I’m interested in this story.  It sucks that the girl was tasered, it sucks worse that the baby is going to have all this turmoil in their life and be sick (for the rest of their life).  I’ll quote the article here so that the main thrust is apparent:

A teen who was Tasered by police as she clutched her one-month-old son just wants her baby back.

Misha Peterson, 16, said Vancouver police held her down on a bed and shot her with a Taser twice on Monday while she held her one-month-old son, Taige.

“Three or four cops were holding me down and they Tasered me twice in the neck until I let go of my baby,” said Peterson.

Peterson said social services were trying to take Taige because her 17-year-old boyfriend, Scott Michell, broke a supervision requirement.

Michell can’t see his child without adult supervision after an argument about Peterson moving back to her mother’s “got out of hand,” she said.

Some of the details in the original story are vague, it takes a neutral tone to a fault, making the whole situation kind of muddy and doesn’t really provide enough framing on an obviously emotional story to allow us to form an opinion either way.  It’s good news, but a smart editor should have caught the kind of emotions it would provoke and tossed in some detail about the mother, the police and the whole situation to allow for fully-formed emotional responses rather than the knee-jerk ones we are treated to by the anonymous trolls I’ve quoted above.

It’s these trolls that I wish to address; I’m not referring to them as trolls in the internet sense (as in trolling for newbs, yo!) I’m referring to them in the (excuse the term) biblical sense, real trolls.  They squat around the internet and look for their next moral target, blaming the victims of police or government over-exuberance for not “just laying back and taking it like a man”

This girl has done what the Trolls wanted, she birthed a baby when she clearly could not handle it and should have taken the sane option of simply aborting the fetus or giving it up for adoption.  She clearly loves and wants the child.  She has passed the “life is important test” which the right to life will tell you is the most important test of all.  Why then, is she in a situation like this?  Shouldn’t society be all over her?  Making sure that both child and mother are in good shape?  It certainly seems like the police are acting to enforce the will of society to “help” the child, but I would state that perhaps they were too exuberant.

It’s this very exuberance that the trolls on the page applaud.

Which makes me question their very humanity.

US Politics are Sexy: Foetus Freedom Forever!

Remember these guys?
Remember these guys?

The US election continues to turn on a wheel that maddens me and confuses me all at once.  Faced with a choice between a young black guy who (for all intents and purposes) represents little change from the status quo and an Old White Guy who represents more of the same, they choose more of the same.  The reasons behind this are fairly clear (crazy as they are) and not the least of which is “Invisible Men”

The folks I’ve posted here are nice people, and I’ve held them up for some ridicule, but only because of their motivations, not their goals.  Their goals (though I disagree with them) appear moral on their face:  “Saving Babies.”

Cute Baby
Cute Baby

Who can honestly argue that babies shouldn’t be saved, babies are so cute, right?  They come from their mom and need all the care and comfort in the world just to survive and represent the hope for the future, right?

So there we have the sensible and secular motivation to save babies, they are cute, they have potential and represent the ongoing future of humanity.

That is almost never the face presented by the anti-abortion folks, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one protest that used that kind of sane reasoning it’s always the same: “Abortion is Murder, Let’s Pray”

The folks at the DNC are no different.  Wrapping yourself in a selpuchure and walking out to say that this or that is moral or immoral because this book written by mushroom addicts in the early centuries says so is kind of crazy.  They want to be a political force (and they are) but they want to do so by imposing their belief structure on the world as a whole.  They believe that they are moral and upright and that their morals and uprightness are how the reat of us should behave.  It’s that imposition that annoys the same about the behavior of extremely liberal people, the extremely liberal or lassiez-faire types would allow everyone to behave as they may (within reason) and of course let anarchy reign (in the markets, etc).  Both ends of the spectrum, both axioms of ethos, life.

As we (in the north) watch the elections in the south; we should remember these folks, and how often they team up to do their “best” to impose their beliefs on all of us.

Abortion Protestors (Group)

Abortion Protestors (Group), originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I’m not a big fan of these folks, as they always seem to be of the “I am much more moral than you” stripe and relative morality is a pet peeve of mine. Additionally, they always tote those heavily graphic images of dead babies, right out there with the proverbial bloody shirt.

Usually I hassle them a bit and get on my way; but I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of them before I headed out to the shack yesterday so I snapped a few.

They weren’t sure what to think about me at first, as I got more “curt” I think they got the picture that I wasn’t just some tourist.

I didn’t call them out or insult them (I wanted them to smile ya know) but I really wanted to.

One thing that stuck out for me; there was a nurse there who quickly hid when she saw the camera, she was named “Debbie” Here’s the picture I got of her:

Abortion Protestors (Group Reverse)

If you know a Debbie who works at Victoria hospital in London, tell her to use a Pseudonym when she is protesting if she doesn’t want people to know she is down with the protesters, okay?

The last time I engaged them I asked them why they thought it was appropriate to attack the poor and the victimized, but they feigned ignorance. I think the next time I see them I’ll pull the young women from the group (the ones that look like they can still have kids) and ask them on video what they will do if they (or their daughters) are raped and become pregnant. It’s provocative; but can you look at those pictures of dead babies and not feel provoked?

What about severely deformed babies (no heads and so on) are they going to force women to carry it to term?

I have no idea why they want to get involved and not get involved in more worthy causes, like poverty. It always seems that these Moral types want to get involved in something that is easy, they can condemn and feel like they have done something but it’s an easy something. Babies are easy to protect, most everyone loves babies.

It’s the parents I care about, until a baby is born, Mom and Dad matter more.

I know a bit about their motivation, I was anti-abortion until I was about 17-18. I don’t know for sure when I accepted that being anti-choice was wrong, I came to it when my brain developed the capacity to think critically instead of just emotionally I guess.