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Tag: ai generated

After they closed the Parks

With no place to go and no one to care for them, the became a real problem when they got smart as hell REALLY fast. They took over in a big way, their massive flying death-beasts were one thing, but it was the humanoid ones that really took the world by storm. They had gone through our technological infancy at light-speed, something about Reptilian reproduction with long life spans…. their brains were different, more focused.

The Dinos took earth, the sites of the fights are still there, burning and enclosed, they use them as entertainment, theme parks really.

The Hermit’s Room (Modern)


I removed the proscription on purple glowing stuff and it went CRAZY

Getting Closer to what I’m trying to get to, I’ve been riding the EXACT SAME SEED for 3 days

This last one is CLOSING IN on it.

Remarkably the closest YET to both the aesthetic and setting.

It was at this point, that I realized WHAT I wanted to describe.

So this is pretty much what I wanted, not dark enough in the background.

The Undertaker in Black

Generated in Stable Diffusion with a seed of 2418606849
“line art illustration of Johnny cash dressed as an old-west undertaker, standing amongst crowds of faded ghosts in a moss-covered graveyard, violent storm in sky,detailed, gritty,asymmetrical”

I used a specific model, but I played with this in a few, that seed is magical on a couple of them