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Blood Syrup


I’ve been struggling with my Blood Syrup for a while now, mostly because it *IS* syrup and not blood like I should have.  So I have problems like wounds that don’t heal and pain in my hands and feet that never seems to get better, along with some nerve damage that looks to be permanent.

This is all self-inflicted, you know?  I should have lived healthier and stuck it out at the gym when the first tingles appeared years ago (and I did for a while, but only a while)

So here I am, medicated and sore.

The short version of this is “Push back from the table while you can still see your feet kids”


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Today I performed SCIENCE!  I made plasma in the microwave oven.

I will not share the secret of non-destructive plasma making, I will only say that it was violent, bright and loud.  There may have been some grapes involved.  It took about 20 seconds.  More than that and it may have stopped being science and started being pyromania.

I may have engaged in some light pyromania on the road to science.

SCIENCE! was originally published on Local Blogger Writes the World

Drew Rigden – One of the Best

Kevin Wardrop posted a photo:

Drew Rigden - One of the Best


You don’t know Drew (I knew him when he was still Andrew) But here he is on TV, and where are you? No on TV. Also, he’s a Gold medalist, are you? No?

That’s two on you.

Then the best, He went to Saint Anthony’s in Kincardine and Sacred Heart in Walkerton. Did I mention he’s on TV here?

Luxury Wish List

If money were no object, which five luxury items would you rush right out and buy?
Submitted by lorilyn.

  1. The Entire Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures Back Catalog
  2. A new Home for my family, and pay off future taxes ad infinitum.
  3. A Set of Tablet/Convertible laptops for my whole circle of friends and Family.
  4. A new car (just new, I haven’t ever owned a new car)
  5. A prepaid plane travel voucher (fly for free to anywhere forever)

The Snakes on a Plane Drinking Game

Players: At Least 2, don’t be a loser.

Setting: House or Bar with a Big Enough TV  and enough table space to hold at least a pint of beer each or multiple good spirits type drinks (Rum and Coke, Vodka and Orange that type of thing)

[spoilers in white]

Rules (Basic):

  1. Every time someone swears, take a swig
  2. Every time you see an exposed breast/nipple, big swig
  3. Every time you see a splash of blood, take a big gulp and burp.  Failure to burp means you have to chug.

Rules(Advanced if you are sober still):

  1. Every time an unamed archtype dies, finish your drink (Fat Lady, annoying guy, yappy dog, burnt out cop). Last one to finish their drink starts and drinks half od their next drink.
  2. Big Gulp when Sam Jackson makes a big speech.
  3. Chug if a named character dies.
  4. Big Gulp when Sam Jackson tells the guy to stay safe/listen to Sam/repeat something Sam said.
  5. Big Gulp when Sam shares a moment with the Flight Attendant.
  6. Finish your drink when turbulence throws someone around.
  7. Finish your drink when someone opens the door without the special code or when the special code fails.
  8. Everyone drinks as much beer as they can when the
    windows are blown out and the snakes are flying out the window, stop when the cockpit door is closed, the person who drinks the most beer is the winner (or loser)

  9. Extra Rule: if you are still totally sober, chug for every failed hand slap and any time the annoying rapper complains or winces due to germs.

The Snakes on a Plane Drinking Game was originally published on Local Blogger Writes the World