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The Ice Death is here!

Last night as I left the office I was greeted with what I have to call an oddity for early January, a light warm mist.  The Air temperature was still in the zub-zero range but there was a mild-thin patter of water walling over the whole place.

This was (of course) prime freezing rain weather.

This morning I  was not surprised to find my car frozen in a thin candy-shell of dappled ice.  It produced some neat images of ice and water.  I think they will have a date with a cropping tool before they get anywhere near useful but at least they show the crust as it was this morning.

Feel bad for anyone homeless in London, okay?  They might have been stuck out in wet, sub-freezing weather overnight last night.  Weather my DOG didn’t want to go out in.

Even more good news

As if having 15 centimeters of snow on the ground wasn’t enough for the new year:

Yup, even more of the White Death Bringer!

I’ve already had one friend end up in a ditch this Winter, what new fun can come from even more of this heavy cold crap?

October Chillin’

After a Summer that barely was, what could we expect of an Autumn that has just fell upon us?


Look at that, a ten degree miss on the “normal” target.  I’ve borne the “Global Warming, what?” guffaws but at this point one has to wonder why it has been so cool this year?  Is this a “La Nena” year or something?  Is there a very cold breeze just hanging out over London?  I was up in Kincardine a few weeks back and found it comfortable sweaty, now there is snow on the ground?

The weather this year (and really since last october 26th), has sucked, and there is nothing we can do about it.

The Snow, The!

Early March weather looks good
Early March weather looks good

The Snow is getting ready to come back!  Damn!  It’s mostly gone; but it’s bitterly cold here in London, but look at that forecast!  It looks like the temperature is going to come up above 10 for a a couple days this week; that’s almost shorts weather around here!

Icy Drops

After the snow is gone, we’ll see less of this!