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This weekend looks like another great summer weekend


Do you see that Low from yesterday?  10.5 Degrees.  Just 8-9 Degrees from wet snow.  BRRRRRRR.  I’ve went this entire summer with the Air conditioning off at night (when it was left up to me) can you see why?  Sunday looks great, but given the rain all around it, I’d it’ll be raining anyway.

This is more like it


This is much more like what I expect for Summer,  melting hot humidity!  Nice!

Look at that high overnight, 12? 12?   Lower than the normal low for this time of year (13). Yikes!

This is Summer?

This is Summer?

I just caught a little back and forth on the CBC with a Canadian meteorologist. He said across Ontario, July is four degrees (Celsius!) cooler than normal. He also said Nunavut has been warmer, on average, than Toronto lately.

You know Nunavut. On most maps, it’s the perma-white band of northern Canada, next door to Greenland. They recorded three centimeters of snow there over the past 24 hours.

“In B.C., they’ve had too much summer, in the Prairies there are places that haven’t had enough summer, and here we haven’t had any,” said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips, from his Toronto office.

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What is going on with the Summer?  When I was up north visiting my Parents this weekend I found it to be tolerably humid and nice, instead of the constantly cool and easy to cold and crappy that is prevalent here in London.  So what’s up with the weather?

The Snow, The!

Early March weather looks good
Early March weather looks good

The Snow is getting ready to come back!  Damn!  It’s mostly gone; but it’s bitterly cold here in London, but look at that forecast!  It looks like the temperature is going to come up above 10 for a a couple days this week; that’s almost shorts weather around here!

Icy Drops

After the snow is gone, we’ll see less of this!

First Heat Advisory of the Year


Environment Canada has issued a humidex advisory for tomorrow with readings expected to be near 40 degrees Celsius.
The advisory stretches from Windsor to Barrie and Orillia and includes Toronto and all of the 905.
A pronounced warm front will cross southern Ontario tonight and introduce the first heat wave of the season.
In fact several days of heat and humidity are in store for the southern portions of the province.

It’s already fairly hot in here, it must suck outside. Yesterday was terrible for me (I had on a heavy undershirt), I’m gonna go undershirt-less today I think.

Winter is gone?

When winter was just getting going; I snapped this photo of my dad as he walked the dog ahead of me.

This was just before the winter started in earnest (right after Christmas).  A nice walk on Boxing Day was great, as it wasn’t all that cold really.  We were able to walk along the shore and see water slapping the meager ice there and see the steam rise from the wet sand.

Since then we’ve only walked up the shore a few times; but the winter has retreated and walking the shore is easy again.

It looks like the winter has finally gasped it’s last and spring/summer is about to come on in earnest, making shirts go sleeveless and skirts get shorter.  It’s a warmer day today.

The winter always lurks just outside the door though.