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Month: May 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • @Ultramegakungfu Where are you going? #
  • Note to self: De-friend that hypocrite #
  • Best Words I’ve read in a while: Max Brooks at the Avatar booth giving away free chapter of his upcoming Zombie Survival Guide graphic novel #
  • We had Chinese for lunch and now my first contract timesheet has been approved, now to wait for my first paycheck #
  • All alone- Entertain me! #
  • Sorry, Computer, Entertain me! #
  • moved some hardware today, the long walk to the other office didn’t seem too bad when it was so nice outside #
  • I get a thrill when I “friend” people I admire; even more so when they reciprocate. I’m a bit shallow that way. #
  • Heading home after week 2 at contract job. Good week #

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I know the pain of a Gizmodo Editor

How my wife castrated my DVD collection

I know Mark feels. When we moved down to the states, I had to save space so I moved all of my DVDs into big CD wallets and threw out a number of VHS tapes (but put some into storage at my ‘rents).

When we were moving back we decided to sell the DVDs that we weren’t going to watch again and still ended up with three boxes of DVDs.

I don’t think I could part with the cases now though, I like the idea of displaying all of my DVDs on big shelves where we can easily pull them and watch at our leisure.  Add to that my 5 disc platter player and you get nice easy viewing of whole DVD sets and so on.

I guess what separates me from Mark is that it was my decision to castrate my collection.

What games are you playing?

On My PC I’m playing:

Rise of Legends

Postal 2 (plus mods)

Turret Defense Games

Hellgate: London

On my 360 I’m playing:

Rock Band

Halo 3

Rez HD

What are you playing?

Head invading cleaning products

I sleep with the television on, if it turned off while I was asleep I probably wouldn’t notice it, but I have a strange need for the noise of it to fall asleep (it drowns out the rest of the world I think).

So, in the night you’ll find me looking for something to play on DVD or stream from the PC or just flick to on the tube and leave on while I pass into the dream state, blissfully unaware the Bobba Fett has just taken Han Solo prisoner or whatever.  When I fall into a deep sleep, the world is just gone and I tend to dream about whatever strong images I experienced the day before.  However, come the early morning my sleep is a bit lighter and the noises in the room tend to invade my dreams.  Sometimes in the morning my dreams are invaded by infomertials

This morning my head was invaded by cleaning products, specifically a swiffer type product that (in my head) was mounted on a ball joint that made for easy transitions.  Of course I was trying to use it to clean the Alpha Alpha Alpha party pit in the middle of some dirty forest with it.  This made logical sense in the dream, I would use the amazing cleaning tool to wipe up the mess of a thousand debauched Frat-boy parties in the middle of some random forest.

Dreams can be like that.

However, my “cleaning extravaganza” wasn’t over.  I found myself in Kincardine wandering down the street engaging all the people I knew and they would regale me with tales of easy purchase options and cleaning strengths.

Clearly this was a long dream and even longer commercial.

I woke up and flipped the TV over the Black Adder and got out of bed.  5:42 AM.  Augh.

I’m going to have to show Jen how to use the “sleep” function on the TV so that it turns off at night, or convince her to leave it on BBC Kids or City overnight so I don’t end up in infomercial hell.

Have you ever experienced this?

Winter is gone?

When winter was just getting going; I snapped this photo of my dad as he walked the dog ahead of me.

This was just before the winter started in earnest (right after Christmas).  A nice walk on Boxing Day was great, as it wasn’t all that cold really.  We were able to walk along the shore and see water slapping the meager ice there and see the steam rise from the wet sand.

Since then we’ve only walked up the shore a few times; but the winter has retreated and walking the shore is easy again.

It looks like the winter has finally gasped it’s last and spring/summer is about to come on in earnest, making shirts go sleeveless and skirts get shorter.  It’s a warmer day today.

The winter always lurks just outside the door though.

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-28

  • Good Day, anyone else dream about physics class last night? #
  • I don’t know how to feel about this; the software deployment tool we use is a product owned by my former employer! #
  • on pins and needles, will I have to go back to the IBM building again? #
  • !@@!@#@!## PASSWORD #
  • No need to go to IBM building, instead I can’t get into the VPN software…. #
  • It takes a long time to get to password help for an internal service. #
  • I think it’s new comic day! #
  • Mr. Brownstone on the Radio, Scandal! Does anyone remember how much controversy this song caused? #

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Williams College OCTET Drain PM dawn of Soul


Way to drain all merit and soul from this song and way to make it even worse crowd.

This actually made me gag, loudly.

These guys should have their ties revoked.

“C’mon now”?

Why didn’t they let someone with soul lead this?

Augh. I had to watch it twice while writing this.

Someone tell the director of this group that soul songs don’t work when the singer has no soul in his voice.

The Stacks of Beer

The Stacks of Beer, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Yeah, this is what I see on my way into work every day, the stacks, not the clouds. It’s nice and sunny outside right now, also very green.

I was worried that I would be giving up all the green when I came down here to the City; I’m no nature lover, but I do like the trees and grass the come with nature. London has proven to be very green, excessively so. But like Kubla Khan, I find wisdom in excess and think that the tree lined streets are awesome and I go out of my way to drive down the back streets to stay among said streets.

Did you dream about me?

Last night I dreamed about old friends and strange pets; I wonder if anyone else had such odd dreams last night?

  1. I was attending a physics class; there were about 10 people in the class that I would consider close or fairly close confidants.  Some old crushes were there too.  The teacher was kind of ineffectual but was intent on teaching us how fusion worked and why it was important.   I got lost in the math and was unable to follow the actual class.  The class was disrupted by our constant celebration of seeing each other after long absences.  I followed my friends out of the class; but went back and apologized to the teacher (who was kind of a jerk anyway).
  2. After leaving the school building I met a woman who I think I used to know, but her name escapes me.  She was standing in one of the school fields and sort of crying and looking out of sorts.  She explained that she had given up her son for adoption and that she missed him terribly.  She had her boy when she was a teenager and had given him up at birth.  I told her that she made a choice out of love and that I admired her for being strong enough to keep on going.  I hugged her and told her how much I admired her and that I wished her all the best.
  3. Then I shifted to a park where there were some kids playing (my daughter and nephews were there) my parents drove up in their van and the kids piled in.  I sort of floated alongside the van and we drove on down a nearby hill to a disused rail terminal.  I took photographs of the old steam trains held there juxtaposed with toy rail employees.   (NOTE:  Now I want to take pictures of iconic places with toy versions of typical employees or people who would utilize such places) juxtaposed with them)
  4. It was at this point my nephews introduced me to to their new puppy, a black lab.  I forget it’s name.  I then showed them my new cat, a long-clawed sable back mini-panther.  I forget what I called it too.  I also (apparently) had a pet dwarf (fantasy style, like in WoW) calle U-Thor (oo – thor).  I had to keep the dwarf and mini-panther from killing random people as we walked from the rail terminal along a sandy beach.
  5. I took the mini-panther back to the school where I let it loose to roam the halls.  It didn’t do any harm there, as it seemed to love attention.

What was I dreaming about?  I have no idea!  I didn’t play world of warcraft or any other video games last night, I wasn’t reminiscing with anyone.  Maybe I miss some people?

What did you dream about last night?