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This sounds like murder to me

Horn told the dispatcher that he doesn’t know the neighbors well, unlike those living on the other side of his home. “I can assure you if it had been their house, I would have already done something, because I know them very well,” he said.

It looks like Old Joe Horn had shooting someone on his mind long before he called 911.  The guy walked out into the street and shot two guys that were robbing his neighbour.

The author of the law that allows Texans to kill in order to protect themselves had some comments on Joe’s actions:

But the legislator who authored the “castle doctrine” bill told the Chronicle it was never intended to apply to a neighbor’s property, to prompt a “‘Law West of the Pecos’ mentality or action,” said Republican Sen. Jeff Wentworth. “You’re supposed to be able to defend your own home, your own family, in your house, your place of business or your motor vehicle.”

This throws a spanner into the works for Joe.  He’s a murderer at this point; never mind that.  Some folks love a good “honor killin'”

“Finally, someone who has the guts to do the right thing and protect himself. It appears the bad guys approached the wrong fellow and paid with their life”

“The dispatcher stated to Mr. Horn that no property is worth the life of another. True enough and somebody should have said the same to the two burglars.”

“Cry me a river… the criminals were exterminated. Don”t steel other peoples property and you might live another dare to call it Vigilante… its called Justis Thank the framers of the Constitution for the 2nd ammendment and thank the Texas legislature for correct laws that protect law abiding citizens against the scum of the earth. Death to common criminal!”

(spelling and punctuation preserved)

I wasn’t there and I don’t have a gun on hand most days.  Sure, I’ve been unnerved by folks, unnerved enough to kill?  I don’t know.  I’ve certainly shooed away my share of dumpster-diving meth-heads from my back yard, all without waving a gun.  During a robbery, when the cops are already on the way?  Take some pictures of the guys as they escape then get out of sight. That’s what insurance is for.

If there was a threat of physical violence on me and mine, I have no idea what would happen.  One would hope that they would be level-headed enough to threaten the guys into submission or wound them into cowing.

Good old Joe has some hard days ahead.  I wish his neighbor well, and hope that Joe never mistakes him for a robber.

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