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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • Perogies w/ Sour Cream + Sleeman Clear: Not So Good. #
  • I think I tore open the inside of my lip, it hurts and it all rough, but I don’t taste or see blood. (maybe I’m chewing it in my sleep?) #
  • Writing Short Story – Imaging a Laptop – Dealing with OU issues – Thinking about a rant about Rogers’ DVR/Digital Box software. #
  • Holy Intense Sunlight! #
  • Short Story: The Growing Season #
  • Still trying to get this laptop to accept the image, hanging up on the OU. Not an AD admin so I can’t directly fix the OU. #
  • Set up a new profile, fingers crossed kids. #
  • Looks like the AD record was hosed, a new profile resolved the issue. #
  • @RayS Post it to flickr! #
  • I just edited an epic email down to a tepid email, I wish I had stuck with the epic email but it was just too much. #
  • “Microsoft Poll: One of Five Canadian Men Game in the Nude” Which Five? #
  • anyone else getting spammed by TyCoughIin or _TyCoughIin ? #

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