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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-05

  • Dear Liberals; Call it the “Inheritance Tax”, since that is what it IS. That doesn’t depend on your definition of IS at all. #
  • I forsee a dollar store visit this afternoon #
  • Watched “No Country for Old Men” again, totally buy the mythology now. The ending makes WAY more sense when you realize that… #
  • Wasting time, but cannot proceed with image with OLD image and can’t image from ‘net #
  • I’m going to have to start carting apps around to work to fix these problems. #
  • 20 minutes until this disk is done burning #
  • Tried out Chrome, Meh. #
  • Oh, and I stand by the “Brownshirts” comment, the whole Ron Paul movement has “Beer Hall Putsch” written all over it, minus the effectivenes #
  • On an unrelated note: How was the Meetup in London? I’m almost resigned to the fact that I’m never gonna get out to one. #
  • Wednesdays & Thursdays are best over here, Thursdays are probably better. #
  • Mefi: I once worked with someone who made a big thing out of not owning a tv… and he was one of the most boring individuals I’ve ever met. #
  • I passed out an award to someone for being so normal… handmade a golden loaf of white bread #
  • I REALLY did give that award out: | He doesn’t watch TV. (He’s not really boring either) #

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