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Day: September 22, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22

  • It was cold as I walked into the office today, I get nostalgic on cold September mornings. I should do something about that. #
  • I missed the Matt Good Concert in London. Matt, come back again real soon, okay? #
  • Time to deliver some tapes. #
  • I’m thinking of making a video tentatively titled “Shirtless and Earnest” can you guess at it’s content? #
  • LoL: “So Freddie Mac paid Davis $2,000,000 because they wanted to be in the warm embrace of Huggy McEjector Seat.” #
  • Fun Tech Mystery on my hands: fire up the Mystery Machine and pass the Scooby Snacks Freddie. #
  • ReTweet: Will Smith and the Scientologists #
  • Call Call Call, you know who you are! #

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Dear Candidates: Daniel O'Neail Responds

Daniel O’Neail responded first
Mr. Wardrop
I am afraid I do not currently have a website of my own, it is under construction. On the other hand my personal views on many subjects are public knowledge, and far better documented than any other local candidate as I have been writing a weekly column for for the last year.
If you could take the time to go to and then the opinion tab you will find all of my articles, my views of industry are available under the questions to the candidates on the front section, as well as the video at the London Free Press.
If you have further questions please come out to one of the debates or email me and I will answer whatever questions you may have.
The ECOspective articles are also available on facebook under the “fan of Daniel O’Neail” page.
Regards and best wishes
Daniel O’Neail
Kevin’s Note: Links added to text to make it easier to follow.
In the interest of brevity; I’m going to poke at Mr. O’Neail’s responses here

I’m at a loss here; what is the “Zen Car”?  A google search turned up Zero front-page results on the matter and I might get myself pushed to the front page if I go on about the “Zen Car” in this post enough times.  So I’ll avoid it.  Mr. O’Neail mentions the Zen Car as a the type of export that Canada should focus on, but I can’t seem to find anything about it online.  That’s not a substantive point if one can’t really learn anything about it online.

On the health care front, Mr. O’Neail is in line with the Greens, pointing out that preventative measures mean more than simple repair.

Mr. O’Neail also espouses local ownership of production facilities and resources.  Something I can strongly agree with.

I don’t see anything about international relations, unions, personal freedom or nuclear power there.  Oh Well.

Watch for more responses in the future

Dear Candidates, Please Contact me

This is my election district: London-Fanshawe; Londoners might refer to the majority of it as “The Scary East End” or som variation of it.  When I first came to London, I might have agreeed, having toured it while looking for a new home.  I settled here mostly out of necessity but have been constantly surprised and pleased by the hidden nature spots and “close to the countryside” living that I have found out here on the ragged-edge of the riding.

I used “The Undecided” to figure out which party I agreed with more in this election and was surprised to find out that the Greens were top of the list (mostly due to my paranoid desire to have Health Care funded at 100% with magical healing properties and Cancer Cures for all).  That aside, I contacted the Green Party Candidate in my Riding (Dan O’Neail) and asked for some information on his stances.  I think I may do the same for the candidates for the Liberals and NDP.  I won’t Vote Tory for any reason, no matter how great the local candidate is, if isn’t the party leader, one Candidate isn’t going to change a whole party.  I’m not required to give some sort of even-handed approach to this, I’ve never claimed to be totally open-minded.And let’s face it, I’m never going to vote for anyone who claims to represent “Christian Heritage”  I mean, seriously, “I take my lead from a 2000 year old Carpenter’s Son” that’s like advertising you really, really, really want to believe that local social problems can be solved through strong belief in Faries and Giants.

So, I’m going to ask the Liberal and NDP candidates the same question I asked Dan O’Neail:

Do you have a website where you discuss your platform?

I live in your riding and would like more information about your stance on Personal Freedom, Government Transparency, Nuclear Power, Culture and Entertainment, Unions and International Trade.

Thanks for your time,

Kevin Wardrop.

I’ll post the replies as they come in.

A Short Note about my previous attempts to speak with local government:

I’ve since deleted the email reply I received about “Recycling Containers”.  It was a brusque “You can find them in any hardware store”  which kind of blunted the question by being, well, blunt.  I decided this lack of candor would be met with total dismissal.

Perhaps this time, things will go well.