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Day: September 24, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-24

  • I smell like a deep fryer; Jen washed my shirt with a bunch of towels used to sop up hot corn oil. #
  • Suzanne Vega shares a story; you like: #
  • AWESOME: (Sarah Palin Fans Must Read) #
  • More Grist for the Sarah Palin Mill #
  • In a tear of even more nostalgia; I’m listening to "Nevermind" #
  • The Most perfect Song of the past 8 years, "You know you’re right" by Nirvana. Take that Tupac Shakur. #
  • I feel all over greasy, This shirt is going in the laundry when I get home #
  • I have become convinced that our distant domain admins have lost the ability to reason critically. #
  • Oregon: Blue Islands in the Red
  • @xenijardin "John, while you have been steadily compiling your works have you happened upon a stubborn fact that wanted to remain u … in reply to xenijardin #
  • The Ultimate Retort when you are being blamed: "No, THAT was Grandpapa" #
  • I think the funniest thing that will happen next February will be the flood of complaints about best buy and their "broken" tvs. #
  • You might think I’m wrong because I want you to have free health care; I think you’re misguided for thinking I don’t deserve it. #
  • @RayS Y’alright? in reply to RayS #

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Why I Disliked Wall-E, Redux

To say that the movie lived up to my expectations is an extreme understatement. It completely blew my expectations out of the water. Everything about the movie was excellent. The animation was so flawless that I often found myself wondering whether we were watching real life landscapes. The only cartoon-ish aspect were the humans, but I think that was intentional. There were even lots of shaky, quick-zoom shots that gave certain scenes the look of being filmed with a handheld camera…and yet they were all animated. Mad props!

I don’t shy away from critics.  I engage the Tomoatoes when I am about to go check out a movie that I haven’t already declared “too wicked to avoid for any rational reason” so the reviews, like the one above, mislead me about the quality of Wall-E and lead me to believe that the overgrown manandwomen-children who wrote these bits of fawning praise have taken leave of the hormones that allowed them to leave bald armpits behind.

Pixar is rapidly becoming the Apple of movies (if I remember correctly, it already is) where droves of fawning fans will crawl over each other to obtain the next bit of stuff that is farted loose from the bowells of the beast and they will love it because it is in a cute, non-threatening container, which Wall-E embodies almost as much as his erstwhile gal-pal Eve the I-Pod.

Then there is the heavy handed story, which I complained about previously, so I will only tarry on long enough to say that any halfwit who goes through that much for a “kiss” is not a romantic, they are an insanely focused stalker with serious emotional problems.  Movies like this set me up for 5 years of emotional retardation and a firm belief that grand romanticism is what girls “wanted” (in truth they want to be treated like humans and occasionally like a princess or naughty slave girls or naught school librarians or naughty shop keepers … I’m getting off the topic here)

As I was saying, the critical response to Wall-E was overtly praise-laden and should have been reserved for the ressurection of Messers Einstein and Tesla in their all robot dancing girl review and kids fun-e-teria.