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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-15

  • Ever since I was moved from the Shack I have been really unproductive…. lacking resources will do that to you. #
  • Digging out? Maybe? #
  • Tonight I sort through Christmas/Boxes from 5 years ago. We have almost moved all of the boxes we left in Canada in ’02 to our new place #
  • Last night I found my Copy of “Kingdom Come” which has been in a box at my parent’s house since 2002. I wonder where I thought it was? #
  • I know it seems insane to ask “aloud” what *I* thought, but I must have given it up as lost at some point, and I forget when. #
  • I have a Google Reader Subscriber, finally. Now to add several thousand more #
  • To Do: Create “Viral” Video. #
  • iPod on Random: American Band – Grand Funk | You don’t rock like this at work without BoB FM and not by choice. #
  • Up next: Dethklok -Thunderhorse | What a mix, Grand Funk, Dethklok then Chemical Brothers #
  • Dethklok fans, what about that season Finale? Great stuff, eh? #

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