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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-19

  • Finally Saw “Gone, Baby, Gone” WoW, that’s some great movie. Have you seen it? #
  • I wrote a long defense of Ben Affleck. Affleck was the bomb in, <Not Gigli> Yo! #
  • Set up an opentape for locations where I can’t bring in my iPod. #
  • It’s not “write” like a Pirate Day either Wil. LoL #
  • I’ve been reading Canadian Free Press, a full 7/8th of their “writers” are in the USA. I get the idea of foreign content, but really? #
  • Shallow: I won’t vote NDP, I hate Orange. Ultra-Shallow: The Canadian government strongly opposed tougher U.S. rules to prevent listeria #
  • Fellin’ Duuurty, Read the puma08 website. They are either deluded or just in the can for McCain. Either way, Pumas you’re DOOOOOOOOPS! #
  • Canadian Tweeters | If you are a DSL users, what are your speeds like? Who are you “with”? Is there competition in your area? #
  • Not cursing my day. #
  • Switched Phone providers to Primus (Free LD + Free DSL convinced me) #
  • Closed Three tickets… good way to end the week. #
  • tickets clear, callbacks done. #
  • I just had a vicious mojito… I mean, WOOF! Too Strong on the vodka! It was ice cold and nice way to end the day. What are you drinking? #

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