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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22

  • It was cold as I walked into the office today, I get nostalgic on cold September mornings. I should do something about that. #
  • I missed the Matt Good Concert in London. Matt, come back again real soon, okay? #
  • Time to deliver some tapes. #
  • I’m thinking of making a video tentatively titled “Shirtless and Earnest” can you guess at it’s content? #
  • LoL: “So Freddie Mac paid Davis $2,000,000 because they wanted to be in the warm embrace of Huggy McEjector Seat.” #
  • Fun Tech Mystery on my hands: fire up the Mystery Machine and pass the Scooby Snacks Freddie. #
  • ReTweet: Will Smith and the Scientologists #
  • Call Call Call, you know who you are! #

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