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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-24

  • I smell like a deep fryer; Jen washed my shirt with a bunch of towels used to sop up hot corn oil. #
  • Suzanne Vega shares a story; you like: #
  • AWESOME: (Sarah Palin Fans Must Read) #
  • More Grist for the Sarah Palin Mill #
  • In a tear of even more nostalgia; I’m listening to "Nevermind" #
  • The Most perfect Song of the past 8 years, "You know you’re right" by Nirvana. Take that Tupac Shakur. #
  • I feel all over greasy, This shirt is going in the laundry when I get home #
  • I have become convinced that our distant domain admins have lost the ability to reason critically. #
  • Oregon: Blue Islands in the Red
  • @xenijardin "John, while you have been steadily compiling your works have you happened upon a stubborn fact that wanted to remain u … in reply to xenijardin #
  • The Ultimate Retort when you are being blamed: "No, THAT was Grandpapa" #
  • I think the funniest thing that will happen next February will be the flood of complaints about best buy and their "broken" tvs. #
  • You might think I’m wrong because I want you to have free health care; I think you’re misguided for thinking I don’t deserve it. #
  • @RayS Y’alright? in reply to RayS #

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