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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-25

  • Innocently Discussing Politics: Me: Guys on the right-wing blogs don’t hesitate to call Obama the N-word. E: Narcissist? #
  • @RevNathan I was wandering around the kitchen ranting about the fox "furor" over a CBC article on Palin when it came up. in reply to RevNathan #
  • For those of you keeping score, I *do* wander around my house talking out loud to television pundits on YouTube. Judge Not and so on. #
  • My counter proposal to the bail-out plan, The fill-in plan: Saddle the companies with forced payouts to all employees and creditors. #
  • Trying to tell someone a truth they cannot understand is no different than lying to them #
  • Get your smoke on indoors without breaking the law: #
  • @Ultramegakungfu Mwa ha ha, she’s the witch of the north-west, the witchiest of all witches there’s no need, also you forgot about Dre. in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • You know that feeling, when you get the shivvers. That’s Suge Knight tickling your soul. #
  • Outside, when the light’s dim and the crickets chirp louder, they are warning you that Suge KNight could be outside, waiting. #
  • The Motion of the Galaxies away from each other, that’s a panicked run from Suge Knight. #
  • Sometimes, when you are sitting quietly in the dark, you think you are hearing your heartbeat, no, that’s Suge Knight schoolin’ a fool. #
  • New Math? Sure? Suge Knight + Your Money = Happy Suge Knight. #
  • Suge Knight sleeps with one eye open, he knows the Sun won’t come correct unless he’s watching #
  • When you run out of sugar at home, don’t yell out "I need Sugar!", Suge Knight has bad hearing and might come running, and then what? #
  • Candyman was scared to say Suge Knight even once in the mirror, in case Suge Knight appeared and set him right with the world. #
  • Suge Knight doesn’t shave his head, his hair follicles obey his metal commands, if Suge wants it, FOOM, instant ‘fro. #
  • If Ted Nugent tried to shoot Suge Knight with an arrow, Suge would let him do it once, because Suge Loves Wango Tango, but only once. #
  • If Pres. Bush was to appoint a Secretary of Keeping the Earth Turning, it would have to be Suge Knight, who has been doing it for years. #
  • Suge Knight doesn’t shave his head, his hair follicles obey his mental commands, if Suge wants it, FOOM, instant ‘fro #
  • I can’t wait: #

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