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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-26

  • Suge Knight knows how to the stop the violence, take a nap #
  • Suge Knight knows how to play the violin #
  • Suge Knight’s got a taste for Diamonds #
  • And Suge Knight’s got a taste for Violence. #
  • There is a rap song about Suge Knight running through my head. It is a song that ONLY exisits in my head. #
  • It is performed by Fat Lip. #
  • If you eat at McDonalds, Suge Knight is keep your food preserved: #
  • The Cold War Kids are much more Generic when you get into their Album. Which is not so good. #
  • @RayS The View is okay, it’s better than Maury or Montel. in reply to RayS #
  • I don’t magically know you work for a competitor, if you do, you have to disclose that fact or you are acting in bad faith. #
  • WE all looked at each other and decided that public opinion was easily swayed, so we released an ad that said Our Guy won, and that was it. #
  • @joeljohnson It just dawned on me that you’ll have like 2000 UO kids pinging you all over so you won’t need any advice on where to go at all in reply to joeljohnson #
  • @happyguy I believe so in reply to happyguy #
  • Have to leave soon, putting the “batmobile” into the shop to get the muffler replaced. #
  • Alright, heading out. Time to visit the car doctor. #
  • @shelisrael McCain pulls ahead based on what though? I really want to start getting polls with comments on “why” from the polled. in reply to shelisrael #

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