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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-30

  • Spencer the Cat woke me up by biting my hands and elbows this morning. This is his friendly good morning. #
  • Too. Much. Fibre. #
  • I dreamed last night that I was trapped in a grand hotel with no electricity or running water, the road outside was full of sand dunes. #
  • Theme Notes “The Comments need to be fixed” #
  • Neat “Gapminder” #
  • @RevNathan you can finally finish some of that short fiction you’ve been flailing at. LoL in reply to RevNathan #
  • The main Difference between Suge Knight and Sarah Palin is Suge knight would have the sense to keep that kid away from his daughter. #
  • Suge Knight once developed a means to bring comic characters into reality, just so he could smack Superman around for kicks #
  • Once upon a time Suge Knight met the big bad wolf in the deep dark forest, now Suge has a wolf skin coat. #
  • When your cat just freezes and stares at nothing, they are watching out for Suge Knight, somewhere, out there…. #
  • Awaiting feedback. #
  • Please accept that I find Dexter and Trueblood to be very poorly written exercises in television. Also, I hate “Sassy” stereo-characters. #
  • While @warrenellis is like Tesla with Beer, Jack Black is like Emile Hirsch, with a face that ages naturally, as opposed to perpetual boyism #
  • Rogers Routing issues resolved in London #

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