Margaret Thatcher’s son, the former British prime minister’s nefarious offspring, will not be installing himself in the principality of Monaco as he hoped.“ A spokesman for Prince Albert II of Monaco told Le Figaro that Thatcher’s residency card would not be renewed. "He has a temporary residency card valid for one year. It will not be renewed when it expires in the second half of 2006 and he will have to leave.” The spokesman, Armand Deus, added: “I cannot say why it will not be renewed. But the Prince made things very clear during his investiture in July when he said that ethics will be at the centre of life in Monaco.”

Shouldn’t he be arrested?

After obtaining Access to Information documents detailing the kinds of service industry businesses applying for the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion program for temporary foreign workers – a program which is supposed to fill niche demands for highly skilled workers – Power & Politics spoke with Gil McGowan of the Alberta Federation of Labour. McGowan said the documents tell a story of abuse, with 5000 employers being granted approvals that never should have been granted, and that this accelerated program has fewer checks and balances than the main temporary foreign workers program