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Ambient Studios are good folks

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly confessed and explained to the FBI how he and his brother carried out last week’s Boston bombings, but he did so in the 16 hours of questioning before he was read his Miranda rights. Tsarnaev stopped cooperating once those rights were read to him, according to officials.

There has been so much chaff around this story; one wonders what is really going on around it. How did an unarmed man shoot himself in the neck; how did the older brother end up dead when he was clearly alive in the last photos of him in custody? So many questions!

MPs voted 183 to 93 in favour of Bill S-7 which provides for the use of investigative hearings. It would allow courts to compel a witness to disclose information about a possible act of terrorism, even if that person has not been charged. The hearings could be held in secret and those who don’t comply could be subject to arrest.

Preventative arrest provisions will allow an individual suspected of engaging in terrorist activity to be brought before a judge who can impose conditions on their freedom, such as barring them from communicating with a particular person. An individual who refuses to abide by the conditions could be jailed for up to one year.

Goodbye Freedom! Preventative Arrests? Look for these to be used to prevent all sorts of crimes in the name of “Terrorism Prevention”

As passions flared in the wake of a foiled terror plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train, parliamentarians passed a controversial bill Wednesday to give law enforcement additional tools to stop such activities before they escalate.

WOW, what a coincidence!