Oct 5, 2011 – Hudak vows to scrap Mississauga power plant:

“Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak pledged Wednesday to get rid of a gas-fired power plant west of Toronto, just one day before Ontario voters head to the polls.

The Tory leader has repeatedly derided Premier Dalton McGuinty for promising to pull the plug on the 280-megawatt facility midway through the campaign, calling it a crass attempt to grab votes.

Never forget this, while Andrea and Tim try to hang the “Gas Plant” on the Liberals; they wanted to scap them too, it’s all right-wing bullshit (even from the so called left wing NDP, who, as you may recall are associated with Brian Mulroney)

This election itself is a referendum on corruption,” she said. “I think anybody who is not prepared to understand that that’s why we’re in this campaign in the first place,… they’re not paying attention to what Ontarians are saying.

Remember Andrea Horwarth is represented by the same firm that represents Brian Mulroney… connect the dots and you can see that Andrea Horwath is selling out Ontario

Lobbyist Robin Sears for Ottawa-based Earnscliffe Strategy Group came to her defence in the Star, with a rousing attack on “the pile-on by embittered NDP pensioners.” They include longtime social justice columnist Michele Landsberg and Cathy Crowe, street nurse and defender of the homeless.

That’s right, Andrea Horvath has ties to the same Lobbyists that are propping up Brian Mulroney

Finck, who last saw Bourque at the Walmart about three weeks ago, said his friend was an outgoing guy who liked camping, hanging out with buddies and being the life of the party.

But Finck said he noticed changes in Bourque’s behaviour over the last year, particularly after he created a new Facebook page for himself in February and filled it with anti-police messages and conspiracy theories.

“I just want to know what was going through his head,” he said.

“What caused such a shift from the guy I knew?”

Right Wing Nonsense, obviously