Toronto desperately needs change at City Hall. Spending has increased 43% since outgoing mayor David Miller took office — salaries and benefits by 47%. Over that same time, revenue from user fees and permits rose nearly 30% and property tax revenue by nearly a quarter — far outstripping the city’s population growth. The city has anywhere from 15% to 25% more employees than it did in 1998, depending on whose numbers you go by, and very little to show for it. All candidates in this campaign agree the city faces a $503-million budget shortfall for 2011.

Any Time the National Post tells you who to vote for remember this and the headline “ National Post endorses Rob Ford for Toronto mayor”

Not long after victory was declared for the Liberals, PC Leader Tim Hudak announced that he would resign his post and would not lead the party into the next election.

This may be the best thing to come out of this very expensive lesson for the Tories and the NDP